As one of Minnesota’s oldest towns, Austin has plenty of history to share. Stop by the Mower County Historical Society’s 17 themed buildings to learn more. The Hormel Historic Home provides a gracious look at the life of the George A. Hormel family in the early 1900s. Rydjor Bike has a collection of more than 80 bicycles dating back as far as 1858.

Hormel Historic Home

The Hormel Historic Home offers tours through the house of George, Lillian, and Jay Hormel lived. The historic home shows visitors a different perspective on the Hormel company. Stop by after a visit to the SPAM™ Museum.

SPAM™ Museum

The SPAM™ Museum is a great place to learn about Hormel’s famous food product. The museum takes visitors on a journey through what SPAM™ is for the consumer and for its community.