Meet & Stay in Austin, Minnesota


“We know the local area, have built the partnerships with local vendors and together we can communicate and create success for everyone,” says Nancy Schnable Director at Discover Austin, Minnesota “At our office, we strive to make a meeting planner’s job hassle-free and stress-free. The clients we work with become friends. When you provide excellent service time and time again, people begin to trust you. It’s easy to call a friend and plan a meeting knowing it’s in good hands.”

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Meetings & Events


Austin has an abundance of awesome attributes that make it an unique place to host your future gatherings, tournaments, games and more. Ideally located in southern Minnesota at the junction of I-90 and State Hwy 218, Austin is easily accessible from almost anywhere. Offering nearly 400 hotels rooms we excel at sporting events, conferences, district or regional meetings, training seminars, family reunions, class reunions, military reunions, weddings and more.  Complete the form and let us help you discover some incredible facilities for various activities.