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Below are examples of what other people did during their visit to Austin, an example itinerary we put together ourselves, and downloadable resources to plan your own adventure.

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Example Group Tour Itinerary

This is a Travel Sample itinerary we’ve written for Group Tours. It’s what we would do if we were visiting our city for the first time.

9am-10am ~ Hormel Institute:  
World leader in cancer research through the study of food agents and cell functions now offers pre-arranged tours.  Experience a 3D simulation of molecules and possibly sample cancer prevention foods.

10:15am-11:15am~ SPAM® Museum: 
One of Minnesota’s top attractions, featuring audios, videos and displays depicting the rich history of Hormel Foods in a tour that is interactive, educational, and fun for all ages.

On your own in historical destination downtown with over 10 restaurants to choose for delightful dining.  Take a moment to explore the Austin ArtWorks Center, Sweet Reads (a classic bookstore with old fashion candy directly across the street from the SPAM® Museum), or Rydjor Bike Museum, displaying the history of bicycles on 16 foot walls inside the shop, with each of the 84 bicycles telling its own story including the 1868 “Boneshaker” and one of the late Robin Williams personal bikes.  And you will find many other boutiques that offer one-of-a-kind specialty products.

1:00pm-2:00pm~Hormel Historic Home: 
Discover the stately 14-room home of the George A. Hormel family (founder of Hormel Foods Corp).  Built in 1871, the home features stained glass windows, decorative woodwork, front pillars imported from Italy, Tiffany light fixtures, and a Greek marble fireplace, along with a sweet treat in an enchanted setting.

2:00pm-3:00pm~Austin City Tour:  
Be introduced to local points of interest and lesser known or quirky sites that might merit further attention!  Plus you get a SPAM™ cookbook.

A family-owned business incorporating a bakery, local goods shop, gifts galore, and a fabulous garden center.  Also famous for serving the state’s largest donuts.

4:00pm~Back to the hotel to refresh: 
Austin, MN has nearly 400 lodging rooms in which your guests can rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Wine, dine, and relax with the camaraderie of your family and friends.  Options include The Old Mill, an 1850’s former flour mill on the Cedar River overlooking the Ramsey Dam and is one of the most historic and well-regarded restaurants in southern Minnesota, or the Austin Country Club, located on a well-kept, heavily wooded, picturesque, challenging USGA 18-hole golf course with a beautiful clubhouse and fine amenities.  Our professional, friendly staff is committed to making each visit a pleasant experience.

7:00pm~Historic Paramount Theatre: 
One of only 4 “Atmospheric Theatres” remaining in Minnesota.  Opened in 1929, it was designed for stage theatre and first-run movies.  The Paramount was designed to represent being in a courtyard of a quaint Spanish Village with twinkling stars and rolling clouds overhead.  Fully restored to its original grandeur, this functioning theatre is available for your group to view a movie or enjoy other entertainment.

~Back to the hotel for the evening.



9:00am~Wind Farm Tour:  The Austin area is well known for being a major player in the Wind Industry.  There are multiple wind farms in the area and over 1,500 wind turbines total.  Visit a farm and learn why wind power is currently the fastest-growing source of electricity production in the world.

10:30am-11:30am~Jay C. Hormel Nature Center:
Enjoy hardwood and pine forests, restored prairies, creeks, ponds, delightful walking trails, and the brand-new interpretive center which open in 2017.

Saddle up the group and head out to an incredible buffet including SPAM® pizza in addition to an unlimited variety of other pizza, fried chicken,  potatoes, salads, desserts, and more.

1:00pm-2:00pm~Sterling Shopping Center: 
Explore one of the original strip malls in Minnesota. A truly unique experience with a distinctive blend of “just-what-you’re-looking-for” gifts, decor, fashion, and more.

* We take the “Minnesota Nice” reputation for customer service seriously and are eager to help you with your visit to Austin, Minnesota. Call our office at 507-437-4563 and we will arrange your reservations; then you write just one check to Discover Austin, MN and we will pay all the vendors. 

Downloadable Resources

Below are some resources that can help you make the most out of our city. We have a group tour brochure, a downloadable sample itinerary, and a walking tour map of Austin’s notable locations.

Hormel Legacy Tour
Exclusive Hormel Heritage Tour