Austin MN Parks and Waterways

Like the outdoors? Check out Austin’s Jay C. Hormel Nature Center for its wonderful Interpretive Center and walking trails through over 500 acres of land, the Sola Fide Observatory for night sky-watching, 28 city parks with pavilions, playgrounds, baseball/softball diamonds, and disk golf courses.


An asphalt trail laid mostly on top of an abandoned railway. Bike-friendly for all ages and abilities. New expansion connects the trail to the Austin City Bike Trails, for a total of over 40 miles. 

Canoeing & Kyaking

Canoes and kayaks are a great way to view and enjoy the scenic Cedar River State Water Trail and area wildlife. Launch in the Cedar River and enjoy miles of beautiful scenery. 

Todd Park Disc Golf

There is an 27 hole course through beautiful Todd Park, located at 11 Street and 21 Avenue NE. A flat course circles the park perimeter. Picturesque and challenging with lots of trees and a small creek.

Statues Around Austin MN

Discover Austin, MN through our statues! We are fortunate to have so many different statues all around Austin. 

Parks Around Austin

Austin, MN has so many parks that offer different activities such as play equipment, gazebos, bike paths, frisbee golf, and sand volleyball courts. Make sure to check out the Jay C Hormel Nature Center

Austin Dog Park

SPARK is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting a public dog park in the City of Austin, MN.

Lake Louise State Park

Enjoy canoeing on Lake Louise, a swimming beach, and horse trails.