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Teen Summer Camp 2023 @ MCT

July 10, 2023

Full Theatre Experience  ages 12-18
$300/student (16 session – 9-noon each session)

Service Description

Get ready for a fully-emerged theatre program…Costume design, makeup, set and scene design, improv, sound and lighting, voice lessons and more will all be a part of camp. Explore all of these wonderful learning opportunities in depth, find which one speaks to you, then further that learned skill in creating a showcase with your camp team! 

All caregivers are welcome to view the showcase on Saturday, July 29th. 

 Week 1: Intro WeekYou will experience a class in each theatre category, led by a teacher specializing in such. The basics of each will be covered in creative, fun, and inspiring ways. 

 Week 2: Workshop WeekReturn for a week ready to focus on your favorite category, and begin developing a way to display this theatre skill with the teacher’s guidance. You will work with the other campers in developing ideas into one showcase. Combine as a team and learn how theatre truly needs talent in EVERY category. 

 Week 3: Performance Prep WeekTime to rehearse rehearse rehearse!Plus you will create a station to present your learned skill (think “Science Fair” style) for before Showcase. Be it displaying a costume you have designed, a monologue you have rehearsed, applying theatre makeup and explaining the “how” and “why”, showing a script you wrote and its process of creation, stage light placement you have set up and why, a set design you have sketched – and assembled! May your imagination know no limits.We will have all in place before you leave that Friday at 4pm…Together you will all present your Showcase for an audience of caregivers the next day!